About us

PRO.MED. is operating since many years in the biomedical field as an experienced supplier of biomedical products and medical devices thanks to:

Consolidated relationships with market leading international partners

Highly qualified dynamic team

Widespread presence in the territory

Our Structure



All commercial and financial activities are driven by highly qualified and experienced managers.

Product Specialists & Sales

The commercial activity is carried out by a team of highly qualified biomedical engineers focused on promotion of different product lines, providing technical/clinical support for patient screening and assistance during procedures in O.R.

Customer Service

Through careful interaction with suppliers and customers, our staff is able to handle any request by providing timely and efficient support.

Tenders & Legal

The staff of our tender & legal office, constantly updated on current regulations, manages the procedures in all phases: from the preparation of the documents to the contracts execution.

Technical Support

Our values

We strongly believe in creating value for our people and we invest in activities that promote professional growth and empowerment, to create an excellent teamwork environment to address the unmet healthcare needs.

In compliance with dispositions and guidelines of the Ministry of Health, the consultation of the contents of the site is aimed at professional operators. The information (texts, images, photos, drawings, attachments, etc.) related to Medical Devices and Medical-Diagnostic Devices, available in the website www.pro-med.it, are for information only.