PRO.MED. has implemented a Quality System compliant with following standards:

  • UNI EN ISO 9001:2015
  • UNI EN ISO 13485:2016

And is certified by TUV RHEINLAND.

First Certification: 11/05/1999

PRO.MED. has certified the commercial process related to products distribution and customer support activities, with particular focus on Technical Assistance.

Certification is considered a fundamental step to increase efficiency and professionality and move towards a continuous improvement.

PRO.MED. fulfills all legal obligations regarding the protection of workers’ health and safety, in compliance with existing Italian regulations (D.Lgs N. 81/2008 and S.M.I.).


PRO.MED. has adopted an Organisation, Management and Control Model according to Italian regulations (D.Lgs nr. 231 231 of 2001).

This model has been imlemented in order to identify and codify precise lines of conduct for managers, personnel and agents operating in the interest of the company.

Our code of ethics is the company’s commitment to act by observing correct, consistent and reliable behaviour.

In compliance with dispositions and guidelines of the Ministry of Health, the consultation of the contents of the site is aimed at professional operators. The information (texts, images, photos, drawings, attachments, etc.) related to Medical Devices and Medical-Diagnostic Devices, available in the website www.pro-med.it, are for information only.