Surgical Instruments

PRO.MED. proposes a wide range of high quality surgical instruments, certified technical assistance and after-sales maintenance service.

From general instruments to minimally invasive surgery techniques

With Landanger and Delacroix Chevalier surgical instuments, PRO.MED can meet the needs of all surgical specialties, from genral instruments for open surgery, endoscopy and sterilization to the most sophisticated minimally invasive surgery techniques thanks to the development of specific instruments designed in cooperation with the main KOLs of the various specialties.

Innovative solutions for the repair and replacement of mitral and tricuspid valves and a wide range of disposable instruments complete the portfolio.

Our constantly updated clinical specialists are available to support surgeons and nurses in the operating room for the use of specific surgical instruments.

strumentario chirurgico PRO.MED.

Instruments platforms

Prof. Yan kit for minimally invasive aortic surgery

Dr. Yilmaz Kit for Endocoronary Bypass Procedures

Prof. Obadia kit for Mitral and Aortic MIS procedures

Dr. Navarro and Dr. Gossot Kit for Open and Endo Thoracic Surgery

Specific sets for VATS and VASCULAR procedures

Specific sets for Hysteroscopy and Resectoscopy

Specific sets for ORL and Ortho-Vertebrae

Our services and products

General surgical instruments

High quality standard instrumentation for all specialties.

Specific surgical instruments

Specific instruments designed in collaboration with the main KOLs of the various specialties.

Customized Technical Assistance Services

Instruments pick-up and delivery with replacement when necessary.

Artificial intelligence

PRO.MED. collaborates with ICT Group company for the promotion of technologically advanced software solutions allowing the complete management and traceability of surgical instruments. An innovative vision system based on artificial intelligence algorithms is proposed for the identification of all instruments at the same time, through the acquisition and processing of images.

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